Thrive home owners will be winning this winter

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Thrive home owners will be winning this winter

Game of Thrones may be done and dusted, but Winter is most certainly still coming. When the temperature starts to plummet, and we instinctively turn to the comfort of our heaters, the big stinker at the end of the season is the cold harsh reality of #major energy bills. But, not for our lucky Thrive home owners. Thanks to our Energy Saver range, exorbitant energy bills are a thing of the past. Because when you opt for an energy efficient home, you get all the energy efficient features at a price you can still afford. Thrive Homes for the win! Here’s a bit of a teaser of how you can save big this winter, with a brand spanking new Thrive Home. 

Water tanks

A full water tank is putting Thrive home owners ahead as water restrictions came in across Sydney in June. While enough rain is expected to keep home water tanks full, it won’t be enough to stop dropping dam levels – so while neighbours are stuck on mandated water restrictions, you’ll be able to keep your garden greens.

Energy efficiency

Thrive homes are designed to stay warm in winter, which will keep your energy bills down as the mercury drops.


If you are a Thrive home owner, you’ve discovered the truth behind the promise that a Thrive home is a house you can’t afford at a price you can. With the property market in Australia’s most expensive city starting to recover, prices are likely to start going up again. You, however, have managed to build a brand-new home for far less than the average price of a home in Sydney – meaning you’re more likely than other home buyers and builders to have some money in your back pocket this winter.

Want to know more about our Energy Saver range? Check out the Vibe 22 and the Aria 22. Or talk to our Thrive Homes team – they love talking all things energy smart homes (and Game of Thrones). 

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