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Smart is Beautiful: Interior Colour Inspo for Spring

You know that at Thrive homes we Build Smart. But do you know that smart is also beautiful?

When you buy a Thrive home, not only do you get to choose your home design and your façade, you get to select from one of our exclusive interior and exterior colour schemes, curated by our team of talented interior designers.

Our schemes are designed to act as the perfect, tasteful canvas for you to overlay your personal style. Whether you prefer crisp whites, cool greys or darker tones, each scheme supports an overlay of colour. And what better time to consider a colour injection than Spring!

Now that you’ve done your Spring clean, (if you haven’t yet we’ve got the hacks you need to know about right here) it’s time to put the cherry on top with a colour pop. Here are our top tips for adding colour to your home without overdoing it.

Start small

Before you paint a whole room, explore some less permanent pops of colour through your soft furnishings. Cushions and accessories like throw rugs and even towels are a great place to start. Plus, they don’t cost too much so it’s no big deal if your obsession for orange or your penchant for pink subsides after a season.

Make it a feature

Colour is used best as a highlight or focal point. If used excessively, its ability to accentuate is diminished. Colourful artwork is a great way to bring walls to life without actually painting them. If your mortgage repayments are hindering your ability to become a budding art collector at the present moment, get out with your iPhone and make your own art!

Bring on the blooms

What better way to bring spring indoors than with some colourful flowers. You don’t even need a fancy vase, recycled jars, or rustic jugs are just as good. The fruit bowl can act as a great spring colour pop too, pineapples and green apples are perfectly good interior accessories if you ask us.

For more information on Thrive’s home designs, facades and interior colour schemes, get in touch with us here.


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