Stay warm without blowing the electricity bill

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How to stay warm without blowing the electricity bill

Ned Stark predicted it was coming and low and behold, winter is upon us again. Here are our top tips for keeping warm at home this winter without blowing the electricity budget.

Let there be light

Our range of homes designs are put together with natural light maximisation in mind. It makes sense to try to use as much natural (and free!) heat (in the form of sunlight) as possible. So keep your window shades and curtains open during the day. As soon as dusk fall though, close them up. Heavy weight window coverings like fabric curtains also help keep the heat in.

Lock it in.

This may sound pretty straight forward, but make sure all your windows are air tight and plug any drafty gaps under doors. The old door draft snake can be handy, knit if you don’t have one lying around or if the dog destroyed it back in 1999, a rolled up towel will do the trick.

Snug as a bug

It’s easy to get cold when sitting down watching Season 6 Game of Thrones marathon in preparation for the final Season 7. Before you switch the heater on, rug up under a blanket, pull out last season’s snuggie and throw on a pair of uggs. The body heat of a significant other or a furry friend can also be a cost effective way to generate some warmth in front of the TV.

Embrace Gas

Natural gas heaters are kinder on the hip pocket than their electric counterparts. There are a range of gas heating options available on the market – from ducted through to portable, or even gas flame fires. They’re also more environmentally friendly than electric heaters.

Timing is everything

Rather than leaving heaters running, take advantage of timer and thermostat features. Get your heater to heat the room up in the morning for the chilly dash from bed to shower, and get it to turn itself off once the room hits your desired heat.

Overall, winter is the perfect time for treating yourself to nights in or lazy Sundays staying cozy in your home. You'll have more to spend on pizza, red wine and box sets without the massive electricity bill. Check out our Energy Saver range for even more savings.



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