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Marble Taste on a Melamine Budget? Interiors for Less

Empty House & Empty Wallet?

You’ve just made what is likely to be the biggest investment of your life to date – your brand new home. None of the old bathrooms, the peeling paint, the leaks and creaks that you put up with in your renting days. Its BRAND SPANKING NEW, a blank canvas ready for you to unleash your inner interior decorating wizard…. Slight problem, where does one find the cash to splash on furniture at a time like this?

Presenting Thrive Homes' top tips to styling on a shoestring budget.

Fake It 'Till You Make It:

Chances are you own some furniture. It might be an armchair or a lounge, it might not be the latest and greatest shape, it might have a couple of red wine stains, but it still functions right?

There’s almost no superficial problem that a good throw rug can’t fix. Just cover up that brown 70s checked upholstery with a stylish charcoal throw rug and some new cushions and you’ve got yourself a fresh new living space for less.

No need to stop at the upholstered items either. With all the amazing contact film on the market, your desk top (your literal desk top, not your digital one) can go from melamine to marble in minutes. Durability might be questionable, but this is a short term measure – we know you’re on your way to real marble money, you’ve just got a new mortgage to contend with right now.

Go Green:

Every interior benefits from a bit of thriving plant life. There is no easier short cut to trendy then plant of the moment – the fiddle leaf fig. Treat yourself to a couple of these guys from Bunnings for instant interior cool factor.

iPhone Art:

Most of us are wandering around with pretty powerful cameras in our pockets. The iPhone 7 has a 12.3 megapixel camera, meaning your humble iPhone photos are actually high enough in resolution to create cool artwork for your home. Convert it into black and white for guaranteed artistic flair.

And if you're really stuck for #inspo - take a virtual tour of our beautiful Airds display home.


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