Thrive Homes Privacy Statement
Our aim is to assure anyone doing business with us that we will comply with the Privacy Act 1988. This statement explains our policy towards the collection, storage and use of personal information.

Privacy Legislation compliance
We are committed to safeguarding personal information regarding our customers. This policy formalises and strengthens this commitment to our customers. We comply with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988.

Our Collection of Personal Information
Personal information is anything that can identify a person. The kind of personal information we collect will depend on the particular dealings customers may have with us.

Our Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
Our policy is only to use or disclose personal information for the purpose which was either specified or reasonably apparent at the time when the information was collected. We may also use or disclose the information collected for any other related purpose for which a customer would reasonably expect it to be used. Should we wish to use or disclose the personal information in other circumstances we would obtain the customer’s consent to do so.

Sharing Personal Information
We do not sell personal information to other parties. The only circumstances in which external organisations may be given access to our customers’ personal information is when our contractors and service providers are helping in the operation of our business or to provide a customer service. In such cases we require these organisations to agree to our Privacy Policy.

When you agree to be contacted, you give consent that Thrive Homes may use your personal information to provide you with updated information about our range of products and services or for assessing our service levels with you. This could be by mail, email, sms, social media, telephone or the like. You have the right to request that we do not provide you with such material or information, and should you not wish to receive it, simply contact our office and advise us accordingly or simply check the unsubscribe box included on all our electronic correspondence. We will then remove you from our contact list promptly. Thrive Homes does not and will not disclose your personal information to any unrelated party.

Our Website
Our website may contain computer enhanced images which are indicative only of the dimensions, fittings, features, finishes and specifications and should not be relied upon in any way by prospective purchasers. Our website is to be viewed only as a guide for our offerings.

Information contained in Cookies
A cookie is a small data file that may be placed on the computer of a web user (usually in the browser software folder) the first time a computer visits a web site which operates cookies. Cookies are necessary to facilitate on-line transactions and ensure security. If customers do not wish to receive any cookies they should set their browser to refuse cookies. We do not use cookies to keep personal profiles of our customers’ use of Thrive Homes website.

Protection of personal information
We aim to ensure that your personal information is both current and accurate and will take all reasonable steps to protect that information.

Your Access to Personal Information
Should you wish to obtain a copy of the personal information that is held by Thrive Homes please contact our head office on (02) 8765 5500. Personal identification may be required.

Your Ability to Change Information
If you would like to change or update personal information then please contact our head office on (02) 8765 5500.

Changes to the Privacy Statement
Thrive Homes reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time. An updated version of the Statement will be posted on our website at

House & Land
A recent report by property giant, Domain, shows that first home buyers are coming back to the market in droves. After the last few years of negative press around the housing market and the unaffordability of new homes, it’s definitely exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, what’s causing this shift in the market? We’ll break it down for you. Escape the City As things have gotten so unaffordable in metro areas, many young buyers are spreading their wings further and investing away from their favourite cafes. This is not only boosting new economies, as more people flood to new areas, but it also means that there’s a little less competition in our cities; so it’s a win/win. Check out our current house and land package opportunities in some of Greater Sydney and The Hunters most sought-after growth locations here.   Scrapping of Stamp Duty Stamp duty has always been one of the worst parts of buying a house, but the New South Wales Government recently scrapped it for first home buyers. This move alone can save new home buyers tens of thousands of dollars, and put them much closer to affording their first home.   Less Competition No one is really sure what caused it, but investors seem to have taken a break from the Australian housing market. Although this hasn’t meant a huge deal for asking prices, it has made a massive difference at auctions around the country. All-in-all, it’s hard to put a finger on one thing overall that’s brought first home buyers back into the
House & Land
Winners are grinners and there are plenty of smiles around Thrive HQ today! On Saturday night we were recognised by the leading industry association in the Australian residential building sector, The Housing Industry Association (HIA), at the 2017 HIA-CSR NSW Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.  We were awarded best NSW Display Home Up to $250,000 for our 4 bedroom Sienna display home at Airds. Not bad considering we’ve only been in business a little over a year!   Here’s what the judges had to say about the Sienna: “This home is spacious and well laid out with a nice flow throughout, leading to a rear entertainment area interconnected to the internal living spaces. Light and airy with raked ceiling to the main internal and external living spaces enhances feeling of space. The home is well finished and nicely detailed throughout with quality workmanship particularly for the price bracket. Good connectivity with external open space and use of natural light.”   We now progress as finalists into the HIA’s national awards next year.   You can visit our award winning Sienna Display at 6 Kingsbury Street Airds or take a virtual tour without having to leave the lounge! We also have a range of house and land packages featuring the Sienna starting from $403,742 at the date of publication of this article. For further info about the Sienna or just to congratulate us on our win (jokes) you can get in touch here.
Invest & Finance
House Sit and Save
October 16, 2017
With the median house price in Australia now nudging nearly $660,000, young Aussies need every bit of help they can get. So it comes as no surprise that more and more people are turning to house sitting, to live rent-free and save for their first (or next) home. If you’re considering taking the plunge, here are a few tips to help you house sit while you save for your deposit:   Use a reputable site Okay, just because you can find people looking for house-sitters on Gumtree, it doesn’t mean that you should. Instead, head over to reputable sites like Trusted House Sitters and Mind a Home. Entrusting a third party to handle the House Sitting Agreement keeps you protected, and it’s a much safer option than responding to random ads on the internet.   Get a PO Box If you’re about to start living with no fixed address, then it’s a good idea to sign up for a PO Box at a central post office. Most bills are online these days, but you don’t want to risk receiving unnecessary fines or having accounts cancelled, just because companies couldn’t figure out where to post a bill.   Start Small WARNING – HARD FACT: You’re not going to be given the reigns to a Point Piper mansion on your first sit. Think of it like a new job: you’ll have to start a few ranks down and build up your reputation. Start with something modest, and build your way up.   Be Nice to Your Friends WARNING – ANOTHER HARD FACT: There will be periods
Interior Design
Just when we thought winter would never leave, the nights are getting warmer, and the first mozzies are already appearing. This can only mean one thing: Summer is coming.  So, to help you make it through the hottest part of the year, while still keeping enough money in your back pocket for some cold drinks, here are some cheap ways to cool your home this Summer.   Close the Curtains This may seem obvious, but about thirty-percent of the heat in your home comes from your windows, so keep them covered. Black out blinds are your best option, but if you don’t have the funds, check out our drop sheet drapes hack over here.   Insulate Okay, so insulation isn’t super cheap. However, if you’re settling into your brand new Thrive home, that won’t matter; because all Thrive homes come with state-of-the-art insulation to keep you cooler in the hotter months. New homes tend to be much better insulated than old homes prone to gaps and drafts.   Turn the Fan Around As the nights get hotter, you’re going to want every fan in the house pointing directly at you. However, a smarter option is to direct your fans out of windows, especially in the direction any breeze is coming from. This will help to create natural airflow throughout your home.   Passive Cooling Much like insulation, this one sure isn’t cheap – but it does come free with your Thrive Home. All of our homes are designed with passive cooling in mind, which encourages cool air through the home without using
Interior Design
Even if you’re eligible for a first home owner’s grant, buying your first home isn’t likely to leave you with a lot of cash left over for an interior stylist. Don’t worry though, because we’ve scrounged and found some low-cost options that still make a huge impact. Ikea Bling No matter how affordable it is, no one wants their brand new home to look like something straight out of the latest Ikea catalogue. Luckily, an Aussie mum came up with these genius stick-on panels that add serious class to some of Ikea’s most popular drawers, dressers and cupboards.      Drop Those Drapes One of the quickest ways to add stylish layers to any room is by hanging thick drapes on either side of every window. Of course, drapes can set you back more than most people can afford. So instead of going to Bed Bath & Beyond – go to Bunnings! Your local hardware store will likely sell cheap, painters’ drop cloths, which can easily be styled into stunning drapes.   Copper Without the Coin A quick Pinsta/Insta check will reveal all kinds of stylish, high-end furniture with copper bench tops. Of course, that’s great if you’re a Kardashian, but the rest of us can achieve the same look with this hard-wearing, copper contact.   Wrap Your Walls Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in style mags recently, but it can also be seriously expensive. However, you don’t have to commit to fancy, French paper stock – just head to your local newsagent! Head to this blog to see how you