Digital handover

Thrive Homes now makes life easier in your new home. Forget the messy kitchen drawer, all your important documents are stored online in your own secure digital wallet. 

We have partnered with HouseLab to offer our customers a digital platform for viewing all related technical and warranty process documents.

In your Document Wallet you will find;

 Handover Documents - Occupation Certificate and all the relevant handover documents
· Standard Warranty Information - All Warranty documentation including Structural, Appliances and associated products can be viewed.
· Supplier Certificates – Final Compliance Documents from all the Service providers 

In your main homepage you can create the following;

· Reminders - for your upcoming tasks such as pest control dates and servicing appliances
· Products - for recording paint colours and appliances
· Expenses -  to store receipts

Your new digital home is accessible, anytime anywhere.