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A head start on the the first HomeBuilder-ready Thrive Home

We have just commenced construction on our first HomeBuilder-ready home in Austral, in Sydney’s south-west.


With the cooperation of Liverpool Council, we were able to complete the pre-construction process on the project in just seven weeks, well below the 12-week industry benchmark.


The Essence 22 single-storey four bedroom, two bath, double garage home is the first of dozens of new Thrive homes in pre-construction in Sydney, Hunter, ACT and the central west, with owners looking to apply for the $25,000 HomeBuilder grant once building starts.


The looming December 31 2020 deadline for HomeBuilder applications has lent a sense of urgency to new home customers hoping to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to reduce the cost of building a new home.



“Particularly for first home buyers, this is a spectacular chance to get a foothold in the market.  As builders, we have an opportunity to do everything we can to make the pre-construction process as quick and painless as possible,” said Thrive Homes general manager, Janelle Goulding.


“In this case, we were able to complete pre-construction in just seven weeks.  This is thanks in-part to Liverpool Council’s recently-adopted digital development application processes, as well as our own proactive and systemic approach to getting land ready for building, and eliminating unexpected costs from the process.”


According to Ms Goulding, incentives like HomeBuilder have been hugely successful in helping people realise that a new home is attainable, especially in markets that have been traditionally difficult to break into.


“In the case of this home, the owner was also able to secure assistance with their deposit through the Australian Government’s First Home Buyer Deposit Scheme.  Provided their HomeBuilder application is successful, they will have received around $35,000 in government incentives to build their first home.


“We’re delighted to have been able to bring this home to construction so quickly, and will be doing everything we can to speed up the pre-construction process on other projects between now and the end of 2020.  Our aim is to give as many people access to HomeBuilder as we possibly can,” Ms Goulding said.


If you’re interested in hearing more about the packages Thrive Homes has to offer, as well as our home designs and build information, leave us your details here and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss further!



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