Thrive Guide - 5 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in your

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5 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in your Home

When it comes to selecting the perfect indoor plant to match your home design, beyond aesthetics, it all comes down to the basics. Knowing what plants thrive inside, where to place them, and how often to water them. 


Here’s our guide of the top 5 indoor plants that thrive inside. 


Thrive Guide - 5 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in your



If there were a plant popularity contest, the top two contenders would no doubt be between the Monstera and Fiddle Leaf Fig. The Monstera is a truly stunning plant, and if treated right, will flourish and be a real statement piece for your home. The Monstera plant is super easy to care for, however, if the right conditions and care instructions are not followed, the plant leaves can go from fab to drab, quicker than the socks and slides trend.

Water: Weekly

Brightness: Indirect sunlight 



Thrive Guide - 5 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in your

ZZ plant

If we’re talking long-lasting, super-resilient houseplants, then you can’t go past the ZZ plant. This guy can handle low to bright light, and its textural leaves give any nook intrigue. If you are prone to killing plants, the ZZ plant is the right plant for you – it is practically un-killable. The ZZ plant loves low to bright light and drying off its soil between waterings.

Water: Every 2 weeks

Brightness: Low, indirect


Thrive Guide - 5 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in your

Fiddle Leaf Fig 

You can’t scroll through Pinterest without being hit with a glorious Fiddle Lead Fig – the cornerstone of any millennial apartment. Known for its big statement leaves and Pinterest notoriety, the Fiddle Leaf has had its fair share of the spotlight. Fiddle Leaf Figs love life indoors, and they don’t take too much watering.

Water: Generously in the summer and slow it down in the winter.

Brightness: Keep out of direct sunlight. Medium to bright light is best. 



Thrive Guide - 5 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in your

The Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is known for its dark, glossy leaves and resilient nature. Rubber plants rank high on the list of house plants that eliminate toxins, such as formaldehyde. The rubber plant is a real winner when it comes to removing toxic compounds from the air in your home. The rubber leaf plant enjoys some quality medium to bright indirect light but does not like direct sun. Just like his fellow green friend, the Fiddle Leaf, allow the surface of the soil to dry out in between watering.

Water: Water every 2-6 weeks

Brightness: Low light and high light. No direct sunlight.



Thrive Guide - 5 Indoor Plants That Will Thrive in your

The Snake Plant The name might sound scary, but this plant is anything but. The Snake Plant is the closest thing you can get to a plastic plant. Meaning, the likelihood of you killing this plant is extremely low. They make a statement indoors but will shine Alfresco side, as the Snake Plant loves bright light. When it comes to watering, don’t go crazy as these guys are prone to root rot – a silent killer in many a houseplants. 

Water: Allow soil to dry between watering. Avoid getting the leaves wet. 

Brightness:  bright, indirect light – can even tolerate some direct sunlight.


Take your pick. And remember, beyond the decorative, houseplants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is necessary for us humans to survive. Plus, they also just make for a healthier, happier, and more productive space (what’s not to love).




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