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As you know, at Thrive we’re all about affordability. But keeping a new build affordable doesn’t mean sacrificing key areas such as an alfresco area! We are in Australia after all, and we know how much us Aussies love to get out and enjoy the sunshine, entertaining our nearest & dearest. Daylight savings has finally kicked in, meaning summer is well and truly on the way! So, it’s time to get your alfresco prepped for all the additional time you’ll be spending outdoors over the coming months. 

The alfresco areas of our Thrive homes are designed so you can utilise the area as an extension of the living/dining, opening up the doors to extend the space and bring the outside in. However at the height of summer with temps often pushing 40°, relaxing outside (or even with the doors open) can be a bit problematic. Our alfresco areas are all designed with a roof over the space to protect you from the elements, however for additional cooling we recommend trying these affordable options:

Misting systems

Misting systems work by releasing, under pressure from nozzles, a super fine mist. As this evaporates, it cools the air. Simple! The best tactic is to set up the misting nozzles up on the roof around the edge of your entertaining area, creating a ‘curtain’ of cool air. The misters use a very small amount of water but have a dramatic effect. There are a number of companies out there who will do the set up for you, however if you’re keen to DIY Bunnings has some really affordable kits, like this one. As you’d expect, these do need to be connected to a tap. Thrive have you covered there, too - outdoor taps are included as standard to both the front and the rear of all our home design options.

Outdoor plants

Outdoor plants (and indoor plants, for that matter) are an environmentally friendly way to both cool and purify the air. As water is moved through the plant, it’s evaporated from leaves, stems and/or flowers, cooling the air around the plant, in a process called transpiration. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide and other particles in the air, releasing purified oxygen. They’re like your very own green, affordable air purifiers - plus they look great! Because our Thrive alfresco areas are all roofed, you can easily hang plants in ceiling boxes as well as place larger pots around on the floor. Some of us with a not-so-green thumb might be a bit daunted by caring for plants, but there are plenty out there that require little to no maintenance. Head to your nearest Bunnings or garden centre and talk to the experts there to get an idea of the best low-to-no maintenance options.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a bit of a triple threat. First off, they’re a great low-cost option to help cool down your alfresco area, by circulating the air and providing a nice refreshing breeze. Secondly, they help keep away the mozzies - without that nasty smell of repellent! Bonus! Thirdly, many fans come with a lighting option. Thrive’s alfresco areas are equipped with ceiling lights, however if you’re after some mood lighting of an evening and it’s too windy for candles, your fan-lighting might be the perfect solution!

So there you have it - our top three ways to stay cool on your Thrive alfresco this summer!

If you’ve been considering a Thrive Home and you’d like to know more about our alfresco designs, get in touch with us - we’d love to hear from you!


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