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Three great benefits of a Colorbond roof

When it comes to your roof, here at Thrive we’re all about the Colorbond! Not only is it colourful (as the name suggests - yes, your roof can match your walls!), it’s also resilient, light, low maintenance well priced to name a few. Colorbond roofing comes as standard with all Thrive Homes - here are three reasons why.

Weight (or lack thereof)

One distinct advantage of Colorbond is that it’s a fraction of the weight of other materials. Plus, the weight does not change in wet conditions (concrete tiling, for example, will absorb a percentage of water if it rains, making the roof even heavier than it already was). A lightweight roof means a lot less strain on the roof framing, walls and foundations, as well as a saving from your budget. All part of our bigger plan to Build Smart.

Durable and strong (especially in our Aussie climates)

Just because it’s lightweight, doesn’t mean it’s a lightweight! Colorbond roofing is highly resistant to many of our Aussie weather conditions, such as heavy rain (protecting against rot, mildew and mould), heat (the reflective surface helps cut down on our cooling bills in summer) and fire (metal is non-combustible and the sheets are more easily sealed, to protect against airborne ash and embers). Colorbond roofing is compliant with even the highest BAL (bushfire attack level) requirements. For more on BALs, see last week’s blog.

Easy to maintain

Who doesn’t love a low maintenance roof? All your Colorbond needs is a bit of a hose-down every 6 months to keep it in tip top shape. The other good news is, you can let the rain do most of the work! You just need to pay some attention to the areas that don’t see the rain, such as under the eaves and gutters. Easy!

If you’re planning on building new, it’s important to know about all the materials being used in the build. At Thrive, we use Colorbond roofing for all our homes, so if there’s anything else you’d like to know about this material just get in touch with us. Our Thrive Experts will be happy to help and answer all your questions!

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