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Top Tips for buying House & Land packages

As well as offering a selection of stylish and affordable home designs that can be built on your pre-purchased land, another big part of what we offer at Thrive are our affordable House and Land packages. As well as the obvious things like budget and location, there are a few other important things to consider before deciding on a House & Land package.

Choose your location.

This is much easier said than done! With all the new estates popping up, many of them with similar community and lifestyle benefits, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. For some help in this area, check out our recent blog ‘First Home Buyer FAQs’, where we go into the key factors like budget, your lifestyle (both now and future) and property/suburb growth trends. Once you have a bit of an idea of the areas you’re interested in, we always recommend talking to the experts. If you would like to speak to our Thrive sales consultants, you can get in touch with us here.

Know your design options.

Many home builders allow buyers to make changes to pretty much everything, including structure. This can be really overwhelming for the buyer, as well as add considerable expense and increase build time. At Thrive, we’re confident that our home designs are already the best they can be, and in the interest of keeping things simple and affordable for our clients, we introduced our No Change Policy. Instead we ensure our range of home designs are diverse enough to suit many different lifestyles, so you can find a design you love as it is without having to think about structural changes. You can, of course, still personalise your Thrive Home. We have a range of stylish colour schemes and facades to choose from, as well as a number of upgrades available.

Make sure you know what’s included in the build and what is not.

When you visit a display home, remember that the display will feature the best fittings, finishes and appliances that may not be included in the base price of the home. Don’t hesitate to ask what’s included and what’s not - you don’t want to get caught up in the additions which can easily blow out your budget.

One of the great things about Thrive is that because we’re so focused on making our homes affordable for first home buyers, the majority of what you see in our display homes, such as mirrored built-ins and designer bathroom vanities, are included as standard. Come chat to us at one of our display homes, or contact us here to learn more about our standard inclusions.

Find out the approximate build times.

Before you commit to a house and land package, ask questions around the approximate build times. Every builder is different - at Thrive Homes, we’re very efficient when it comes to our build times due in part to our No Change Policy mentioned above. Because the client has already made all their selections upfront and there are no structural changes, the pre-construction process is more streamlined. Certain uncontrollables must also be taken into account, such as delays due to bad weather.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the packages Thrive Homes has to offer, as well as our home designs and build information, leave us your details here and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss further!

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