Weather proof your home

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Weather-Proof Your Home

As we’ve already seen this Summer, Australia is a land of extremes at this time of the year.

From flash floods to forest fires, and everything in-between; this is a crazy time in regards to the weather.

So if you’ve just moved into your new home, or you’re just about to, then here are a few, simple tricks to keep your home protected from the elements during this unpredictable time of year.

Clean those Gutters

We’re not sure if anyone has ever enjoyed this part of owning a home, but keeping your gutters clear from leaves and other junk is an essential part of protecting your home – especially during the summer months.

Firstly, if you’ve got gutters filled with dried leaves and twigs, then that equates to a whole heap of kindling when the mercury rises; which is definitely something to steer clear of during bushfire season.

Secondly, if you’ve got gutters filled with wet leaves and twigs, then you’re going to get water pooling on your roof. So during a summer rainstorm, this can keep the water in places where it can creep into your walls and your roof – which can lead to flooding, water damage and wood rot.

So get up your ladder and take care of those gutters!

Timber Care Time

At Thrive we love to bring the outdoors in, which is why our home designs feature alfresco areas.  This time of year, it’s a great idea to rub back and re-treat any timber decking or outdoor furniture.

Not only will this make your place look amazing when everyone visits over the holiday season, but quality timber treatments also protect your house and furniture from harsh U.V rays.

So, unless you want your house to look like a piece of driftwood – look at hiring a sander (or finding a friend who has one).

Get Shady

Imagine stepping outside during summer, without your favourite pair of shades. It’d be torture!

So think of your windows as the eyes of your house, and protect the ones that cop the heat the most; this will usually be any windows that face directly East or West.

Consider tinting your east and west facing windows; or look at getting awnings installed, to limit the heat that gets to them.

Upgrade your Screens

With hot days often followed by severe thunderstorms, it can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So no Australian home is complete without a set of flyscreens.

However, old, plastic screens tend to deteriorate in the sun; putting them one, severe southerly away from tearing to shreds. So look at investing in some good, modern metal screens. Aside from being more durable, they also provide much more security – allowing you to leave your windows and doors open, all day and night, without any worries.

Passive Design

All Thrive Homes are expertly designed with the Australian climate in mind.  

However, if you’re looking at building or renovating, then make sure you work with an architect or draftsperson who fully understands the principles of passive design. This will mean that they’ll design your house to allow the most air-flow – which will help keep your home cool and save you heaps on air-conditioning.


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