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Does size really matter?

A recent report shows that the average size of new homes being built in Australia has decreased by of 2.7%.

However, with an average build size of 189.8 square meters, we still get to boast the second largest average home size in the world – with only the U.S.A ahead of us, at 204.3 square meters.

So Australian homes are still no slouch in the size department, but as demand for land increases, we’re going to need smaller homes to match smaller land sizes. With that in mind, here’s how to get the most out of a smaller space:

Start with Smart Design

If you’re lucky enough to have an empty block, then you’re in the fantastic position of being able to choose a design that gets the most out of your land.

All of our expert Draftspeople have created open plan designs that flow out onto alfresco areas; which maximises the feeling of space. They have also meticulously positioned windows to allow natural light to flood in; which, when combined with the carefully curated colour palette our interior designers have chosen, amplifies the feeling of space.

Upright and Up the Walls

When it comes to your outdoor or garden areas, maximise your space by choosing the right plants.

For garden areas where space is scarce but you need extra shade, palms use up very little ground area but provide an impressive canopy. They’re also drought resistant, making them ideal for our dry climate.

Or if you’re limited to a small patio or balcony, don’t clutter the little space you have with giant pots and planters - use your walls. Even walls that only get a little sun can be used to grow stunning displays, and you can even make vertical planters for next-to-nothing.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

One of the best ways to get the most out of a smaller space is to invest in good folding furniture; as it allows you to get multiple uses out of spaces, by quickly and easily clearing away furniture when you don’t need it.

Now, these shouldn’t be the poxy, plastic chairs that your Uncle Wayne used to dust off each Christmas; nor does this rule only apply to outdoor furniture.

Wall mounted, folding desks allow you to easily work from home without a dedicated office; and modern murphy beds are a great idea for when you want to do a little yoga in your bedroom or guest room.

Skip the City

A simple solution for people looking for more space is to take a short drive away from Sydney’s CBD.

From The Southern Highlands to The Central Coast and everywhere in-between; Thrive Homes has a house and land package to suit your needs and dreams.  

If you’re looking to up-size, check out the Sienna or the Alysium designs, which puts you up with The U.S.A in terms of size. We also have smaller designs like the Zen and the Verve which make the most of shorter and narrower blocks.

So whatever size home you’re looking for; start by taking a short drive to one of our display homes.

You might discover that you don’t need to downsize after all.

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