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All We Want for Xmas is…

We’ve all been there… the day after Christmas, lugging a giant bag of assorted plastic trinkets back from your relative’s lunch or dinner.

So if you’re buying a new home, you may think that you’re too old for a Christmas list, but it can help prevent that dreaded bag of trinkets on Boxing Day.

If you haven’t given it much thought, here are some must-have items for every new home-owner this Christmas. 

Colourful Cushions

A quick way to revitalise any outdoor entertaining space is with a few colourful cushions.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, then there’s no limit to how creative you can get with your cushions. Just make sure that you choose a hard-wearing material.

For the rest of us, places like K-Mart have seriously affordable cushions that will transform your outdoor areas, but without any sewing required – or breaking the bank.

Hide Your Hose

Whether you’ve got a lush, green paradise in your backyard; or you’ve paved the whole thing for entertaining; a hose is something that every homeowner simply has to have.

Sadly, however, they’re also extremely ugly.

From the standard, dark green, kinked one that your old man used to have; to the strangely over-masculine, heavy-duty black rubber ones in Bunnings; it can be hard to be simultaneously house proud and hose proud.  

That’s why we love these metal hose boxes. Or, if you’re buying to a budget this year, check out these DIY plans to build your own out of pallet wood.

Golden Garden Gnomes

When German artist, Ottmar Hörl, released his cheeky range of golden garden statues; we just had to have one. Sadly, however, our bank accounts didn’t agree.

So a much more affordable option this Christmas is to head into your local hardware store, pick up a can of base paint and a can of golden spray paint, and give your garden gnomes a few coats of golden grandeur.

For best results, make sure that you clean your gnome first; and try to apply your gold on a still day, when the wind is less likely to cover your gnome in fluff.

Curtain Cocoon

Most mornings, you’ll want to wake up and admire your modern, stylish Thrive-built Bedroom; and appreciate the natural light and fresh air that fills the room.

Some days, however, it’s wonderful to be able to just draw the curtains and lock the world - and the light - away (this is particularly true for New Year's Day).

If you can find a four post bed with curtains on eBay, then well done – you win.

For the rest of us, IKEA has a seriously affordable alternative.

Summer Hangs

If you’re looking to seriously improve life at home this summer, then a cotton hammock should be on your shopping list. Just imagine relaxing in the hammock in the backyard of your Thrive Home, slowly rocking back and forth, with a cold glass of something celebratory within reach.

If you don’t have a few, sturdy trees in your backyard suitable for stringing up a hammock, then swing by a camping store. They usually stock strong hammock stands, so that you can laze about wherever you please.  

Of course if it’s a Thrive Home that’s on top of your wish list this year then forget Santa and get in touch with us here.


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