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Pimp Your Pad With These Humble Hacks

Even if you’re eligible for a first home owner’s grant, buying your first home isn’t likely to leave you with a lot of cash left over for an interior stylist.

Don’t worry though, because we’ve scrounged and found some low-cost options that still make a huge impact.

  Ikea Bling

No matter how affordable it is, no one wants their brand new home to look like something straight out of the latest Ikea catalogue. Luckily, an Aussie mum came up with these genius stick-on panels that add serious class to some of Ikea’s most popular drawers, dressers and cupboards.   

Drop Those Drapes

One of the quickest ways to add stylish layers to any room is by hanging thick drapes on either side of every window. Of course, drapes can set you back more than most people can afford. So instead of going to Bed Bath & Beyond – go to Bunnings! Your local hardware store will likely sell cheap, painters’ drop cloths, which can easily be styled into stunning drapes.

Copper Without the Coin

A quick Pinsta/Insta check will reveal all kinds of stylish, high-end furniture with copper bench tops. Of course, that’s great if you’re a Kardashian, but the rest of us can achieve the same look with this hard-wearing, copper contact.

Wrap Your Walls

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in style mags recently, but it can also be seriously expensive. However, you don’t have to commit to fancy, French paper stock – just head to your local newsagent! Head to this blog to see how you can use any gift wrapping paper to add some pizazz to drab walls.

Not-So-Fresh Flowers

A quick way to bring a bit of the countryside indoors is to keep some fresh flowers in every room. However, fresh flowers are about fifty bucks a bunch, and they only last a week; which is fine – if you’re a Murdoch.

For the rest of us, stick to buying Australian natives and wildflowers. They dry out really well if you leave them outdoors for a few days, so you only have to buy them once to have flowers all year round (and if you’re really strapped for cash – make sure you’re sitting near a floral centerpiece at the next wedding you go to).


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