171009 Cheap Ways To Maintain Your Chill

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Cheap Ways To Maintain Your Chill


Just when we thought winter would never leave, the nights are getting warmer, and the first mozzies are already appearing. This can only mean one thing: Summer is coming. 

So, to help you make it through the hottest part of the year, while still keeping enough money in your back pocket for some cold drinks, here are some cheap ways to cool your home this Summer.


Close the Curtains

This may seem obvious, but about thirty-percent of the heat in your home comes from your windows, so keep them covered. Black out blinds are your best option, but if you don’t have the funds, check out our drop sheet drapes hack over here.



Okay, so insulation isn’t super cheap. However, if you’re settling into your brand new Thrive home, that won’t matter; because all Thrive homes come with state-of-the-art insulation to keep you cooler in the hotter months. New homes tend to be much better insulated than old homes prone to gaps and drafts.


Turn the Fan Around

As the nights get hotter, you’re going to want every fan in the house pointing directly at you. However, a smarter option is to direct your fans out of windows, especially in the direction any breeze is coming from. This will help to create natural airflow throughout your home.


Passive Cooling

Much like insulation, this one sure isn’t cheap – but it does come free with your Thrive Home. All of our homes are designed with passive cooling in mind, which encourages cool air through the home without using an air-conditioning unit. Many of our home designs offer open plan living with blurred lines between the indoor and outdoor alfresco spaces.  


Get Misty

You know those great, misting fans that they have around your favourite pub’s beer garden? Yeah? Well, they’re really expensive. However, you can buy cheap attachments that turn any fan into a misting spray!


Bonus Points: Get Planting

It’s too late to get a large, shady tree for this summer, and fully grown trees are seriously expensive. However, if your Thrive home is your forever home, think ahead and get planting. Native trees are the easiest to care for, but they’ll keep their leaves in winter, which will keep shade over your house when you don’t want it. So chat to your local council and source a fast-growing, deciduous tree for your yard. For our top tips on caring for plant life read on here

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