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Building Smart: Why we build with steel

At Thrive Homes we Build Smart. Smarter construction leads to high quality homes at affordable prices. But what does it mean to Build Smart? It’s all about the materials that we use.

All Thrive Homes are built using steel frames and the latest footing designs to ensure efficient construction and minimum waste. Here are a few other reasons why we choose to build with steel:

Speedy construction

Steel parts are pre-engineered to our specific designs, so by the time they arrive on site, they’re ready to be erected. This speeds up construction time significantly and ensures greater accuracy during the building process.

Termite resistant

Termites are still a real problem in Australia but steel is unaffected by termites, borers, bugs and rodents. Steel is also resistant to mould or fungi, which is ideal during those more humid parts of the country.

Lasts the test of time in all Aussie climates

Steel is rust resistant and unlike other products, it is dimensionally steady, perfect for those parts of the country which experience extremes in temperature (which, let’s face it, can be pretty much everywhere!).

Steel can withstand extreme forces and harsh weather conditions, from strong winds and rain and even to heavy snow.  Drying time on steel frame buildings is significantly less than those flood affected buildings with a timber frame.  Steel is also non-combustible, meaning that steel structures fare much better than timber counterparts in the event of fire.

And its overall integrity means your frame structure doesn’t require the maintenance or upkeep of a timber equivalent.

Better for the environment

Because steel framing is custom made to our designs, wastage is minimal compared to building with timber. Not only do you get a building site free from mountains of timber offcuts, the faster construction process means less manpower and less resource consumption for the overall build.  

Lastly, steel is 100% recyclable, in fact steel is the most recycled material in the world! It can be melted down and re-used an infinite number of times (our steel frames all have a recycled component).

Our goal at Thrive is to build quality homes that are within reach financially for first home buyers, upsizers, downsizers and investors; anyone who wants to keep the Great Australian Dream of their own spacious home alive.

For more info on how we build, or to speak with the Thrive Homes team about home designs or house and land packages, click here.

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