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Multi-Generation Living

It’s official: more young people than ever before are living at home with mum and dad. And more grandparents are living at home with their adult children and grandchildren.

One in five Australian households have adults from two or more generations living under one roof. That’s more than four million Aussies sharing a home with their parents, their adult children or other extended-family members – and most of them are probably doing it without the space to do it comfortably.

When the family nest is best

You can’t always erect a granny flat for your angsty teen or your opinionated mother in law but you can build a home that gives you the breathing space you need to live in harmony…. Or as close to harmony as you can get living with your adult children and whichever significant other they’ve met on Tinder that week.

Thrive Homes are designed with space maximisation in mind.  All Thrive Homes feature open plan kitchen, living and dining spaces, most of which open out onto alfresco spaces. Thrive Homes come with a minimum of three bedrooms and two bathrooms and all come with the option of four bedrooms and additional bathrooms.

Whether you want to call it a teenager’s retreat, a rumpus room, or a media room, the separate living spaces offered in designs like the Eve 18Avalon 21Sienna 22Crescent 22 and Essence 22 are big winners for multi-generational living.

Can’t live with them but can’t live without them?

Sometimes, you can't live with your family but you can’t live without them. We’re seeing an increasing trend in families buying house and land packages side by side or in the same street. We’ve currently got house and land packages in some of greater Sydney and the Hunter region’s most sought-after estates like Austral and Wallis Creek. With prices starting from $390,157 for a 4 bedroom home, a more comfortable existence for your family might be closer within reach than you thought.

Get in touch with us today to chat about the right Thrive Homes solution for your family*.

*Family counselling not included.


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