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Apartments vs. Houses

We agree with Flat Chat Columnist Jimmy Thomson in his recent observation for Domain that there was a time when the choice of whether to live in a house or an apartment was purely financial – you rented a flat until you could afford to buy a house. But now it’s a lifestyle choice with many Sydney apartments on par with freestanding homes when it comes to price.

So here are some of the hilarious pros and cons of apartment and home living:

  • In an apartment block, some idiot is always putting stupid complaint notices on the notice board. In a house, some idiot is always putting stupid complaint notes on the fridge (NB: you may be in a relationship with this person).
  • In a house, you can have a pet and no one can stop you … but so can the people next door who have two dogs that bark incessantly from the moment they leave for work.
  • In an apartment, you can get access to a gym in the building. In a house, you have access to an old exercise bike in the garage. Both get precisely the same amount of use.
  • In an apartment, there’s a number to call when there’s a problem with plumbing or electricity or rain leaks or hot water … in a house, you’re it. Bunnings, here you come.
  • In an apartment, it’s level access. There are no stairs to climb to get to your bedroom at night when you’re exhausted and ready for bed … until the lifts break down and you have to climb 15 storeys to get home from work when you’re exhausted and ready to kill. We may as well mention that several of our home designs provide level access too.
  • With apartments, you get the luxury of others making certain design decisions for you. When building a new home you’ve got more freedom to make the space yours.

While great appeal lies in both forms of living, at Thrive we believe you can’t beat the space and flexibility of your own home. That’s why we build quality homes at affordable prices. If you’re a fan of your own space, with the opportunity to select from a range of professionally designed interior and exterior schemes, have a look at our current house and land packages or get in touch with us.


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