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You look like you could use an extra $10,000


We think anyone who has managed to save for a first home, deserves a reward. We know what you have been through: collecting sugar sachets from café’s, cutting your own hair and shopping for clothes in places that neither of us care to mention.

So we have a little something (ten thousand of them) for you, from us, because we’re devoted to first home buyers. Here’s how it works…

The First Home Owner Grant

As you most probably know, the government also thinks you could use a break and offers first time buyers $10,000 to purchase their home. It has to be a new home build, you can’t have had owned any property previously, the property can’t be valued at more than $750k and you must plan to live in it. Let’s be frank: none of this is a barrier for you. Read on...

The Thrive Grant

At Thrive Homes, we decided that we would match the government’s contribution. So if the government gives you $10,000, we will also offer you $10,000*. Just because we know what it’s like to try and get your foot in the door of your first home…and 'cause we are kind of nice people.


It’s now time to think about what you could do with $10,000. There’s obviously our range of amazing upgrades, like stone bench tops, 900mm Westinghouse oven and soft close drawers and doors. But with an extra $10k in your pocket, why stop there? Here are top ten (other) ways to blow $10,000:


1. Wallpaper your house in salmon for the cat

2. Motorise your sofa so you never have to get up

3. Buy your own car space at KFC

4. Glitter paint your car

5. Hire a butler

6. Buy 50 years of anniversary gifts and never be caught out

7. Upgrade to gold plated tapware and toilet roll holders

8.  Pay Delta to never sing again

9. Buy every trolley at Sunday yum cha

10. Install carpet made of marshmallows

Before you go, have a read of our *terms and conditions. We’re not trying to be tricky but there are some things to note. 

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