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Hot Property: Spotlight on The Hunter

Beat the boom

Have you ever looked at other people and wondered how they managed to afford properties in certain areas? In most cases, you can pretty much guarantee that they bought, before the area in question boomed. You could be one of those people. People would slowly drive past your house and wonder how you afforded it.

New heights

Ever dreamt about living in the Hunter region? Close to over 150 of the Australia’s best vineyards. You’re going to need an awful lot of cheese! Well, now it is very much possible to live in the Hunter, and all for an affordable price.

We are currently building four bedroom homes in the, yet to boom, suburb of Gillieston Heights. Which is only 5km from the city of Maitland, which means you can enjoy greenery and grocery shopping. In fact, you are only 37kms from the hustle, bustle and beaches of Newcastle.

Sunday drive

If you’re not sure about Gilliestone Heights, we suggest that you go for a nice Sunday drive. You can visit the vineyards, or grab an awesome pub lunch at one of the many traditional pubs in the area. Worst case: you have a brilliant day out. Best case: you discover a gem of a place that could be your new neighbourhood.


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