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Keeping the secret that is Leppington

The residents of Leppington have tried to keep their hometown a secret… and it’s not hard to see why: it has a train station, close to a massive shopping district, restaurants and cafes and yet still manages to appear incredibly green. The punchline is that these residents are living in homes priced well below the state average.

That’s why we decided to build homes (beautiful and affordable homes) here…before more people find out.

Keeping it in the family

More than half the homes in Leppington are occupied by families, families who prefer to live free range, than in a can of sardines, like much of Sydney does. They have room to play, to hang out and even have the luxury of ample parking.

Existing homeowners in Leppington also know that being on the South West Rail Link means that they are closer to Sydney’s CBD than you might think. This may not even matter to you, as you are also less than ten minutes by train to Liverpool and Campbelltown. That’s a lot of amazing food to choose from!

Maybe you should check out what we have on offer in Leppington, click here.


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